Clear braces Canon City

Clear Braces Canon City

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Invisalign braces in Canon City

Clear braces Canon City
Clear braces Canon City

The most obvious benefit of our clear braces Canon City is that they are invisible. There are many more reasons to recommend them, though. At Salida Family Dentistry, we’re pleased to make this advanced orthodontic treatment available to you, our valued patient.

Invisalign braces are more accurately referred to as aligners. They are crafted out of clear plastic and fit over your teeth so comfortably, that you may even forget they’re there to begin with. The process of making them is quite different from that of traditional metal braces, and the effects are, too. Instead of messy impressions used by an outside dental lab to make a single set of fixed braces, our clear braces Canon City are designed by 3D computer software from digital photos taken. Precise machinery then fashions not one, but multiple aligners. It’s all done at our office. Each aligner is calibrated to serve a specific role in the overall process of moving your teeth from their current position to one that is prescribed as more ideal. Metal braces are adjusted at frequent intervals, but you won’t need that with our clear braces Canon City. And because of this, you only need come in at six week junctures for a progress checkup. Among the other pluses about your aligners are that they won’t cause irritation or soreness, and they are removable. Take yours out when you eat. You won’t have to restrict any of your choices as a result. With metal braces, you cannot have sticky, chewy, or crunchy foods. You’ll also take your aligners out when you brush and floss. Other than those exceptions, they stay in all day and night, even while you sleep. They are constantly working to realign your teeth.

Schedule a visit to come in for a consultation and examination. Invisalign may be just what you want to get the orthodontic care you need.

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