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Dental cavities in Canon City

Cavities are all too familiar, and they’re caused by dental decay. Here at Salida Family Dentistry, we’re committed to preventing them whenever possible and treating them promptly when they do occur. Larger cavities are closely associated with severe toothaches, infections, root canal, and tooth loss.

Dental decay results due to the acids in dental plaque and tartar, which are fueled by the sugars and starches in your diet. That decay eventually forms a cavity, which you will either have diagnosed by our Canon City dentist during a routine twice-yearly examination, or you may notice on your own due to one or more common indications, such as a toothache. Others include sensitivity to hot and cold foods and drink, and discomfort when you touch the tooth with pressure. How can you keep from getting a cavity? There is no sure fire way, but a strong strategy would consist of keeping a close watch on your consumption of sugars and starches, brushing your teeth at least twice per day, flossing every night at bedtime, and coming in to visit our Canon City dentist every six months for a dental exam and teeth cleaning. The cleaning will deal with the tartar buildup, because your at-home oral hygiene is not effective against it. Fortunately, a filling is all it takes to treat most cavities. The eventual outcome of not getting regular checkups, though, may be a more serious problem, and the possibility that you will need root canal to take care of it, or that the tooth will have to be extracted, thereby leaving you with empty space between your other teeth and the time and expense to replace it.

Don’t let the time for your next dental exam pass by. Reach out to our Canon City dentist¬†office now and let us book an appointment for you to come in.

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